Welcome To TPG StudioZ

Photography is our art....where we capture moments and freeze them forever to remind you of things big and small long after you have forgotten them.

We are a team of camera loving, moment freezers... all we look forward to : better ways of capturing and freezing time. @Deryl Clemente Fernandes @Caniggia Fernandes @Rinet Fernandes

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We caputure you, your place, your favourite person / people, your business, your fantasy.. We are here for all your photography and videography needs

Wedding Photography

Beauty is the eye of the beholder. We create beautiful memories of your special day.

Commercial Photography

Form follows Function. We capture the very essence and core of your property / product.

Life Events Photography

Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight. We capture the party spirit for various events - birthdays, anniversaries, naming cerimonies, corporate events and the list goes on...

Maternity & Baby

You are the closest I will ever come to magic.-MOTHER. We capture this magic as it unfolds.... the story from THE BUMP to the cute little angle.